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Gambling movie is shot long ago. One of the first films on this topic “Dr. Mabuse, a player” was released almost 100 years ago, in 1922. Since then, the film industry has given viewers a lot of paintings about gamble. True fans of gambling surely dozens of times already revised “Cheaters”, “Maverick” and “21”. Over the past few years, the rental also appeared in the ribbon, worthy of attention of real players. We chose the 8 best gemblings of the past decade.

Guns, Chicks and Gambling (2012)

Guns, Girls and Gambling
Guns, Girls and Gambling

The main character, John Smith, is always unlucky. Once in an Indian casino, he first loses in the video slots, then – in the Elvis double competition, and then in a five-card flock with other pseudoelvis. But that’s not the end of his trouble: John is drawn into stealing an ancient Apache mask that gives the wearer luck and immortality. And many are convinced that it was Smith who stole the artifact: blonde killer, cowboys, prostitute lesbian, angry dwarf, corrupt sheriffs and others. They all rush in pursuit of a charming loser who, despite the sad lot, does not lose optimism.

Christian Slater, as John Smith.

“Guns, Chicks and Gambling” is a crime comedy with a heap of cartoon characters and a story that keeps turning upside down and back. The plot is reminiscent of “3000 miles to Graceland,” where a gang of Elvis robbed a gambling house. Director of “Guns” Michael Winnik has learned a lot from his idol Tarantino, and the three-part name refers directly to the movie Guy Ritchie “Maps, money, two guns.

Roulette Kings (2012)

Garcia Pelayo does not have a job, and he decides to give up his passion – gaming. But now he is only determined to win. Garcia goes to Casino Madrid and watches roulette for hours. He analyzes the data and finds that due to a malfunction in the mechanism, some numbers appear more often than others. Using flaws in the roulette wheel, Pelayo Sr. cleans the Madrid establishment. He shares the method with his loved ones and soon the entire Pelayo clan is involved. Family members watch the roulette and pass the information on to Pelayo Sr. Together, they play gambling houses all over the world.

Lewis Omar plays Pelayo Sr. and Daniel Brühl is his son.

The film is based on the biography of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. Gonzalo and his prototype in the film use the method of Joseph Jagger, an English engineer who also ruined Monte Carlo gambling houses in the 19th century. According to the Spaniard, the total gain was 1.5 million dollars. Some institutions have sued the Spanish mathematician, but the court found him innocent.

Casino Robbery (2012)

There’s a 2008 crisis out there. The financial bubble burst, and there’s not enough money for everyone. Owner of a dry cleaner nicknamed Groundhog decides to rob an underground poker club. He offers the case to his friends, Frankie’s recently released from prison and Russell’s drug addict. The raid goes smoothly: even the most reckless thugs at the sight of the cut sit still. Robbers are sure they’ll get away with it. But the mafia hires a hit man named Jackie Cogan, who knows how to do it.

Jackie Cogan’s intelligent killer…

The film turns out to be the exact opposite of the pictures about elegant robberies of gambling establishments. There is even a reference to their account in the dialogues: one of the characters calls the address “Ocean Street, 12”. Here, instead of professional cheaters and brilliant scammers, the main characters are loan shark, junkie and criminal. Instead of posh casinos, there’s a gaming salon at the diner. And instead of the expected action movie with chases and shootings, the viewer gets the narrative in a lingering existential tonality.

Think like a man 2

Think like a man 2
Think like a man 2

Michael and Candice have decided to get married. And not where, but in Las Vegas. Together with friends, they’re flying to a city that’s never sleepy. And, of course, without a bachelor party and a bachelorette party. Girls go to a nightclub and boys go to a casino. In a short period of time there are a lot of ridiculous cases and adventures. But the fun ends when the wedding ceremony is about to fail.

Kedrick is one of the groom’s friends…

As in the first part, the plot is dominated by the theme of relationships. But in addition, the viewer, along with the characters, is immersed in the tumultuous life of the capital of the gembling. It’s a great movie if you want to see something in the style of “Bachelor party in Vegas”.

Player (2014)

Jim Bennett is a talented writer and literature teacher. But it’s in the afternoon. At night, the protagonist goes to the casino, where he burns the money – and not just his own. What drives them: a craving for self-destruction or an unconditional hope for fortune? However, those from whom Jim has borrowed 240 thousand dollars, interested only when he returns the debt. He only has a week for that. The protagonist goes va-bank – takes money from an even more dangerous criminal authority. Whether he succeeds in winning back his life is now entirely up to chance.

Mark Wahlberg lost 25 pounds for the role of Jim Bennett

This is a remake of a 1974 film of the same name. The director of the picture of the new “Player” was Rupert Wyatt, who also shot “Rebellion of the Planet of the Apes. The tape well depicts the nature of ludomania. Despite the fact that the main character is on the edge, he still continues to play.

Mississippi Walk (2015)

Mississippi Walk (2015)
Mississippi Walk (2015)

It’s not a good time for old cartelman Jerry’s life. He’s up to his neck in debt, he’s out of luck with the cards, and soon he’ll have serious guys coming. Luckily, he meets the charismatic Curtis and finds him to be one of his supporters. With his arrival, Jerry’s business is going up. He asks Curtis to be his mascot and go to the big poker capital, New Orleans. The friends set out on a journey through the southern states in pursuit of luck.

Ben Mendelson as Jerry, left, and Ryan Reynolds as Curtis…

The film focuses on the fact that gamblers are not always lucky. And that’s what makes it different from many other paintings where cheaters are portrayed as successful. Creators of the film shows the reverse side of the gemblings, which can be much less attractive than the front picture. Despite the fact that the film has not received a wide response from the audience, because of the unusual plot and soundtrack picture has received positive reviews from critics.

Dyed maps (2015)

Bobby suffers from gambling addiction. His sick mother doesn’t want the excitement to kill her son, and neither does his father. But Bobby still spends most of his time at the card table. When the mother’s treatment bills go up, losses accumulate, and work in the factory does not cover the costs, the protagonist and his friend Ben decide to play in a club with high stakes. To pay the fee, they steal a car and take away Bobby’s mother’s savings. After losing this money, the protagonist decides to rob bankers during a poker game. But it’s just the beginning of a bloody game.

The protagonist (Stefano Gallo)

The Great Game (2017)

The Great Game (2017)

Molly Bloom was a professional skier and was preparing for the Olympics. But suddenly she gets hurt, incompatible with her sports career. Molly leaves for Los Angeles, where she changes her field of activity: the former sportswoman organizes an illegal poker club in Hollywood. Molly comes to famous actors, gangsters millionaires and professional players. But one day the FBI knocks on the door, and the underground empire collapses like a house of cards. The “Princess of Poker” is facing prison, and she’s asking for help from a prestigious lawyer.

Jessica Chastain plays the protagonist, and Michael Cera plays player X.

“Big Game” – another biopic from Aaron Sorkin, who wrote scripts for the movies “Social Network” and “Steve Jobs. This time Sorkin acted simultaneously as a director and scriptwriter. The film is based on the real story of Molly Bloom and her autobiography Molly’s Game – also called the picture in the original. The picture with the head plunges the viewer into the world of poker, but all the main moves and the process of the game is served as accessible as possible. Machine-gun dialogues together with the lively editing accelerate the pace of the story, where the plot seems to stand still. Interestingly, between takes movie actors played with extras players, so the latter often earned the most on the set.


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